CS-28, raschel bulk bagging machine

PA-45 with CB-48v2, packing mandarins

PA-25/D with 2 CB-67KL, packing potatoes

PA-63 & 2 CB-48v2 packing avocados

CW1, Automatic check weigher, onions

CW1, automatic check weigher, citrus

PA-63 Citrus Hoppers

DOMINO Thermal Transfer Printer

PA-45 with 2 bag filling hoppers

FT-14, Manual Clipping Machine

PA-63 Weighing Machine and CB-67KL Wicket Baggers

HB-46 "Header Bagger" making inline bags

PA-25 Weighing Machine & Xarpamatic Clipper

PA-45 Weighing Machine - infeed with clementines

DB-54 Punnet Filler


AS-56 - Bland Farms

Old DAUMAR promotional video

JADA Promotional video

DAUMAR CB-67KL wicket bagger filling 20 pound poly bags with large potatoes

PA-25 Evolution & 2 CSS BDO 1000 VFFS

CM-68 Rucking Machine